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Good responses to yesterday’s question! Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer: Who was the last person you said “Thank You” to today? I got quite a mix of answers; I guess it really depended on what you happened to be doing right before you decided to answer my question. A lot of […]

I was trying to think about what I wanted to write today. The new job doesn’t give me much of a chance to write anything until I get caught up on the writing for it, and very often I feel out of steam and not much like writing anything after I have spent hours in […]

We had an awesome time at the Mets game last night, even though the Mets lost. They just can’t seem to score any runs for Johan Santana, but that’s for another rant and another blog :). It was great to get out just the three of us and have some family fun and leave work […]

Thanks to everyone who answered yesterday’s question. The question was: “What is your favorite cookie?” Well, I have two favorites, and Michelle makes both of them. She makes the most awesome chocolate chip cookies ever. She makes them a lot to bring over to other places because people ask her to make them. I don’t […]

Today’s blog post is a little late today. I got caught up doing real work the last few days and haven’t had a lot of time to put into the “fun writing” I do, but I do have a little time right now in between homework with Sean and making dinner, so I thought I […]

We had a very pleasant Mother’s Day yesterday at Michelle’s parents, relaxing, having dinner and sitting outside enjoying everyone’s company. I made some fish for part of the meal, fo which you can get the recipe here on my cooking blog.  It was a nice day and we had a good time. Thanks to everyone […]

A Mother Is…


I’m up early getting everything ready for Michelle’s Mother’s Day breakfast. Sean was supposed to get up to help me, but I think he went back to sleep, so I am going to take a few minutes to blog. Thanks to those who answered yesterday’s question of: What is a gift that you made for your […]

Okay, so I got some interesting answers yesterday to the question of: Tell me something about yourself that people might be surprised to learn. Thanks to everyone who shared and answered the question. As for my answer, I think it’s hard to say. A lot of people know many different things about me, but maybe […]

It’s Friday and we should all rejoice since the weekend is here. I got some good response to yesterday’s question and a big thank you to all who took the time to answer and visit the blog. Yesterday was the biggest day by far of visits that I got to the blog, so I am […]

I didn’t get to write anything on Wednesday this week, which isn’t unusual. Wednesday tends to be my busiest day of the week so I don’t really get anything extracurricular done, but that’s okay, we all have days like that in our lives. Anyway, here is my answer to Tuesday’s question of: Who is your […]

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