A Mother Is…


I’m up early getting everything ready for Michelle’s Mother’s Day breakfast. Sean was supposed to get up to help me, but I think he went back to sleep, so I am going to take a few minutes to blog. Thanks to those who answered yesterday’s question of: What is a gift that you made for your mother when you were a child? We all made lots of different things for our mother’s when we were kids. Since there are six of us in my family, my mom got lots of homemade or school-made gifts over the years. I tried to think back over things that I made and the only one I can really remember making, and I am sure everyone made at this at some point, was a gold, spray painted jewelry box covered with spray painted dried pasta. Now I am sure the teachers at the time thought that this was probably a good project to do, and I am sure my mom put on a happy face when she got it as a gift ( I think moms have to go to a special class to learn how to make that face of surprise and happiness when they get stuff from their kids), but looking back on it now it probably wasn’t the greatest idea. However, the great thing about moms is that no matter what it is or what time of year it is, they are always happy to get something from their kids and glad to be thought of in a special way.

So staying with the Mother’s Day theme for today, here is today’s question:

Give me a one word description that sums up your Mom.

Now I know it’s not easy to describe someone in just one word, especially your Mom, but I think you can handle it. put some thought into it and then answer. I expect lots of good answers people, this is your Mom we’re talking about after all. You can answer here, on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll pose the question on Twitter too and see if I get any response. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

Before I get back to breakfast, I would just like to say a Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms I know out there. Each of you has helped not only me become a better person, but your own children and others in lives are better people for all the advice, sacrifice, friendship and love that you bring to the table. And a special Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Michelle, all 3 of my sisters, my mother-in law and sister-in law who all bring something special into my life. Thanks for all you do and I love you all.

Have a wonderful day today and don’t forget to do something creative today!

2 Responses to “A Mother Is…”

  1. 1 mary geraghty

    The golden pasta box was the first thing I thought of that you had made for me!

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