Did I Hear That Right?


It’s Friday and we should all rejoice since the weekend is here. I got some good response to yesterday’s question and a big thank you to all who took the time to answer and visit the blog. Yesterday was the biggest day by far of visits that I got to the blog, so I am glad enough people are interested enough to keep checking it out. I really do plan to start putting some fiction up on here of things that I write, I am just trying to cull through things and see what I feel best about it to share with everyone. If you have any type of writing that you would like to share, please feel free to contact me here, on Facebook, Twitter or by email at IguanaFlats@msn.com and we can work out putting your work here. It can be whatever you would like it to be – a poem, short story, an idea, a question whatever you’d like. I’m flexible (well not really, the leg braces make that kind of tough, but as far as my way of thinking I am). Now back to yesterday’s question:


What’s your guilty pleasure?  Some people answered with a particular food that they just absolutely love. If I had to pick something like that, I guess my guilty pleasure would be donuts. I absolutely love donuts, and I’m not picky about what kind, I’ll pretty much eat any type (ok, no coconut, but other than that, we’re good to go) and I could eat them any time of day too, morning, noon or night. I love apple fritters as well and we have made homemade ones that are delicious. Adams Farms makes one that is about the size of my head… okay, well maybe not my head, since I have special features… that’s a story for another time, but someone else’s head let’s say.

As far as guilty pleasures for other things, I guess in music I have lots of them. If you ever picked up my iPod you probably would be surprised at a lot of the stuff that’s on there. I can go from listening to Andre Segovia to the Carpenters to Miles Davis to the Foo Fighters to Nine Inch Nails to LoFidelity All Stars to Slipknot pretty quickly. I do like a lot of the old sappy songs your parents probably used to play or things you played in the seventies, which I guess is kind of a guilty pleasure. For movies, there’s probably a couple that would fall into the guilty pleasure realm. I’m not to proud to admit that I have probably seen”P.S. I Love You” 6 or 7 times. yes it’s hokey and sappy and considered a chick flick, but I just like it. The same could be said for “Bachelor Party” with Tom Hanks. That movie still cracks me up. For television shows, I can’t really think of any but one. I am not a fan of reality television, but there’s something about “Storage Wars” that I like. Whether it’s the people on there and the way they interact or what they expect to find, I don’t know, but I could watch them all day.

Okay, so that takes yesterday, now on to today. Let’s see how willing everyone is to share today. Here’s the question:

Tell me something about yourself that might surprise people.

I used to ask this of students to get them writing because it’s a good introduction to writing things down and then sharing with other people. Now, I don’t want you to confess to any hardcore crimes or anything; you go tell the police or your local priest all that stuff. Just let me know something about yourself that people might say “Wow, I never knew he/she was like that, did that, wanted to do that, felt that way, etc.” Hey, if I am willing to answer it, than you should too. No judgments here, this is just an exercise in writing and getting to know a little bit about people. Think about it and leave a comment here, or on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

So that’s it for today; time to get back to regular work. Thanks again to everyone who has been answering and commenting. I think we’re slowly working towards a good blog here and having some fun along the way. Hopefully I can get some more celebrity input on this question. Anyway, until tomorrow, have fun and don’t forget to do something creative today!

3 Responses to “Did I Hear That Right?”

  1. 1 Kim Lyman

    I just always wanted to be a small time cow farmer and that want never left me. If I lived in a home with a few acres, I KNOW I would have at least some mini jersey cows.

    • 2 MikeG

      I could see you working on a small farm like that. I bet the kids would love it too. Michelle always said she wanted to live on a small farm too.

      • 3 Kim Lyman

        I’m able to envision it without even closing my eyes. I’d be wearing overalls and rubber boots and I’d have flowers planted around the fences and I can smell the winter smell of warm cows and hay in a barn, and see spring with baby cows in the pasture…

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