A Few Thoughts Before a Question


There’s been a lot going in our lives lately and I have found it difficult to get up the motivation to do any writing for several days. besides all of our personal hitches in the road, the tragedy in Colorado occurred as well and it just made everything I have been writing about seem so trivial that I just didn’t feel like doing anything. As far as the personal stuff goes, we’ll get through everything. We’ve been through tough times before and I am sure we’ll be through them again down the road. Sometimes you just have to take what life deals you and make the best of it, so that’ is what we are doing. I’m not going to stress or feel bad about it; that doesn’t change anything and can just make things worse.

As for what happened in Colorado, it’s always difficult to hear of things like this happening. Sadly it seems to happen more often lately, or at least things like this are more publicized now so we are all more aware of what has happened. The scary part to me seems to be that there are people who can do these horrendous things to other human beings at the blink of an eye and with no remorse. I know things like this happen the world over, and in some places on a daily basis where there are mass murders taking place by the military or governments like in Darfur. I just can’t understand what would go through a person’s head to make them want to or willing to commit an atrocity. It makes me fearful for what Sean and his generation will face as time goes on, but it also makes me worried anytime he goes out anyplace. You always have to wonder is he safe. I guess you can’t really live your life with this mindset though. If you were constantly worried about where you are going and what MIGHT happen, you’ll never go anywhere or do anything. It’s hard thing to resolve, especially for a parent in today’s world. We fear for what is out there that can harm our children, yet we want them to experience s much of the world as they can. It’s tough as a parent to know that your kids will be in situations where they will get hurt emotionally or physically, and none of us want it to ever happen to our kids. We would rather it happens to ourselves so they don’t have to experience the pain. That sort of leads me into one of the questions I have been considering lately, so it is today’s question:

Do you think we are too overprotective of our kids today?

It’s a tough question and an even tougher thing for us to balance. Where’s the line between being a parent and keeping our kids from experiencing life, good or bad? At what age do we stop being so overprotective, and is it too late by then if they are teenagers and we have sheltered them too much? And what is sheltering too much? I think everyone may have their own line when it comes to that. Think about it and let me know. You can answer on here or on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll also pose the question to a few people on Twitter and see how they respond. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

That’s it for now. If you ever have anything you would like to share or contribute, whether it’s a question to ask, a poem, story, photo, drawing, incantation or whatever, feel free to drop me a not by commenting here, or contacting me on Facebook or on Twitter (you can find links to both on the right of the screen). Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day and don’t forget to do something creative today!

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