There’s Nothing Better Than . . .


It’s been kind of a crazy week around here, so I haven’t really had the time or felt much like doing any blogging the last couple of days. I am going to get back into now though. Writing always kind of lifts my spirits a bit and I think I could use a little bit of that right now. Actually, a lot of the answers from my question on Monday did make me feel better. In case you missed it, here is the question:

Finish this sentence: There’s nothing better than . . .

There were many answers to this one, and most related to family. Whether it was a smile, a kiss, a look, or just being with your spouse, your children or grandchildren, the majority of the people all said that it was something to do with spending time with your family that was the best. It’s hard to argue with that belief. I think I would be hard pressed to come up with something better than getting a hug from either Michelle or Sean (or Flash for that matter. It’s really comforting when a puppy snuggles up with you.) It makes me feel comforted, loved, secure and happy all at the same time. It would be hard for anything to compete with that. I did come up with some other ideas though of things that might fit in this category. Even though they aren’t as good as getting a hug, they still deserve some honorable mention, at least in my eyes:

There’s nothing better than:

  • A good cup of coffee first thing in the morning
  • listening to Miles Davis play the trumpet
  • not being able to put down a good book
  • hanging out with a good group of friends
  • snuggling under a blanket with the air conditioner on full blast
  • watching the Mets beat on the Phillies

I could go on and on listing things, but I think you get the general idea. There are a lot of moments in our lives where it feels like things couldn’t get any better. It’s great if you get to experience that feeling often, and thankfully I get to enjoy the feeling a lot, which I think not only makes me feel comforted, loved, secure and happy, but pretty darn lucky as well

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the question and a special thanks to Herbie Hancock, Natalie Maines, Wade Boggs and Valerie Bertinelli for taking the time to answer me on Twitter. I actually have a lot of questions to choose from today as I have been writing a bunch of them down, so it was hard for me to narrow one down for today. Let’s try this one:

What is the one job or profession you absolutely would not want to do?

Thankfully there are people who are willing to do the jobs that we personally may find unacceptable under any circumstances. I am sure there are people out there who are happy doing some of the things I or others might find revolting; just see the program “Dirty jobs” and you will know this is true. So what is the one job that you would never want to do, that you find so repulsive you wouldn’t take it no matter what? Think about it and let me know. You can answer on here, or on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll also ask a few people on Twitter and see how they respond. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

That’s all I have for today. At least it doesn’t seem as unbearably hot as it has been the last several days here so I can breathe a little better and actually go outside. And we do have Sean coming home in a day or two, so it will be nice to have him back home. Hopefully he hasn’t grown another 4 or 5 inches while he’s been gone! Enjoy the rest of your day and don’t forget to do something creative today!

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