A Great Way to Start the Day… and Maybe Save Mankind?


I know it seems like an odd title, but I was trying to put my two questions together and I couldn’t think of anything else, so that’s how it goes today. I got some good answers to yesterday’s question. I am glad so many people are smiling in the morning! In case you forgot, or didn’t read it, or even if you don’t care, here was yesterday’s question:

What was the first thing to make you smile today?

Everyone has something, whether you wrote in an answer or not. Michelle and Sean both told it was our dog Flash that made them both smile first thing in the morning. He is always happy to see everyone, and even more happy when they are awake so he has someone to play with(or so he thinks anyway). Yesterday, however, Flash was not the first thing to make me smile (though he tried by putting his nose in my face as I woke up). Yesterday was a very early day, and typically Wednesday’s are a busy day for me. Michelle had to leave the house very early to travel on business, so she was gone rather quickly and I didn’t get a chance to smile at her, otherwise I am sure she would have been first. The first thing to make me smile yesterday was seeing my little friend Liam. Liam is my nephew who is almost two now. I’ve been providing a place for him for daycare since he was only a few weeks old and his parents needed to get back to work. I was home anyway, working from home, taking care of the house, so I offered my services. my work limits me to having him only on Wednesday’s now, but he always brings a smile to my face. Now that he’s a little older and interacts with you more and has more to say, he makes the day fun and interesting. He almost always comes in with a smile, and Flash loves to see him since they chase each other around the house for hours playing. Liam usually walks in and goes right for Flash’s leash so we can take him out for a walk. So we spend the day playing, reading, eating and watching the Fresh Beat Band and when he takes his nap I get a little work in. Since he’s pretty mobile now, he keeps me moving, which is probably a good thing. Anyway, he looks up at me with his smiling face and I have to smile back, so that was the first thing to make me smile yesterday.

Thanks to everyone that answered the question yesterday and special thanks to R.A. Dickey, Minnie Driver, Ricki Lake and Melanie Griffith for taking the time to answer as well. Now on to today’s question. Today’s question is actually inspired by Sean, since it’s one that he asks me all the time and one that he writes about a lot, so I thought I would use it today:

If you could have one super power, what would it be?


I figure with the Avengers and all these super hero movies around now, I am sure everyone has thought of what it would be like to have one of those powers. So, what would you want? What would you do with the power if you had it. I have my own theories about the power you choose, but I will elaborate more on that when I answer tomorrow. For now, think about it and let me know. You can answer here, or on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll also ask a few people on Twitter and see if they respond and what they have to say. I think it’s a fun question to think about. I’ll let you know what Sean picks too.

That’s it for now; I won’t say for today because if I feel like writing something later on I might be back. Until then, have a great day and don’t forget to do something creative today!

3 Responses to “A Great Way to Start the Day… and Maybe Save Mankind?”

  1. 1 MikeG

    kurt13warner Kurt Warner
    @IguanaFlats it would have to b to fly!

  2. 2 MikeG

    therealmix Sir Mix-A-Lot
    @IguanaFlats x-ray vision? Lmao

  3. 3 MikeG

    Sean Patrick ‏@SeanGeraghty1
    @IguanaFlats I would chose Telepathy

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