What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (and Cereal)


With all my apologies to Raymond Carver (and if you’ve never read the book of stories or any of his work, I do recommend it) for usurping his title, but it does lead me into answering yesterday’s question and starting today’s question. Thank you to all who answered yesterday’s question of:

What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were growing up?


A special thanks to Larry Fitzgerald for answering yesterday. We also found out his favorite movie is “Coming to America,” although that was kind of an accident (you can check the comment from yesterday’s blog to see what I mean). Anyway, everyone had very different answers to this one. For me personally, I tried to narrow it down between a couple. I am not a cereal eater anymore, of any type (I don’t like milk, never have) and it’s hard for me to pick one that I could say was my favorite. I was always fond of Apple Jacks and that nice cinnamon flavor you would get from it, but I don’t remember them tasting anything at all like apples. I guess that was their way of making people think there was something healthy in there. I never cared much for cereal that was in flakes either; they just got too soggy too fast and it was like eating little pieces of wet cardboard. I think if I had to pick two as my favorites, one would have to be Cap’n Crunch. There was something about it that I just liked the flavor of and it was always nice and crunchy, so much so that it often tore the roof of your mouth with its sharp corners. I don’t want the peanut butter one, and I could do without the Crunch Berries, just plain old Cap’n Crunch was fine with me.

Of course, another favorite of mine would have to be Lucky Charms. I am not a big fan of marshmallows, but there was something about those bits of colored sugar in that cereal that tasted good. Everyone would try to just pick them out of course and leave the plain cereal for whoever got to the box last, but I di still enjoy them, and who couldn’t like a cereal with a leprechaun as its spokesperson?

Now on to today’s question. Today is mine and Michelle’s wedding anniversary. We’ve been married for 19 years this year, and I wanted to let everybody know ow much she means to me and how much she has enriched my life, so today’s question centers around love:

Can you sum up what love means to you in one sentence?

I know this is no easy task and probably takes some thinking on everyone’s part, but that’s okay, putting a little brain power into something never hurt anyone. If you go over one sentence, the word police won’t come knocking on your door to drag you away. Besides, if you are creative with grammar, you can make one sentence last a very long time; just ask James Joyce (okay don’t ask him, he probably won’t answer you at this point, and if he does, let me know quick!). Anyway, that’s besides the point. Everyone has experienced love in some form during their lifetime, so just think about what it means to you, how it makes you feel, what it can make you do. Think about it and get back to me. You can leave an answer on here, on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll also pose the question to some people on Twitter and see if they respond. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

That’s it for today kids. I have to get back to doing some work. These construction articles don’t write themselves you know. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more rantings, gibberish and other writings for you. To my lovely wife Michelle, thank you for the most wonderful 19 years I have known. Happy anniversary. Enjoy the rest of your day, think about love, and do something creative today – maybe you can roll all 3 into one!

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