A Dizzying Didactic of Doctors and Doldrums


It happens to me every three months. I have doctor appointments that I must tend to so everyone can make sure I am still alive and staying on the  course of the living. I took care of two of the visits this past week, and so far everything is okay, so that’s good news. I am hoping now that the neurologist is taking me off Lyrica that I can stay off it, stay feeling better and get my head back on straight. I really do think the medicine was messing with me a little bit, so I will be glad to be rid of it once and for all.

Nobody likes seeing doctors. I think that is pretty much a given. I really hate going only because it seems like every time I enter a doctor’s office I have to re-live the entire events of my illness all over again, even if the doctor already knows the story. Somehow I end up having to go over things all over again as if they haven’t been paying attention to everything for the last 3 years. I still have other doctors that I really should go back and see, but I just dread having to go through it again so I keep putting them off, which isn’t really the ideal solution. I know I should go, and I’ll get there eventually, but all they are going to do is rubber stamp my medication, tell me I should be glad to be alive and want to see me again in another 3 months. I understand doctors are very busy people with more patients to see probably than they can handle, but to me after a while the whole routine is getting pointless. Nothing much has changed over time, I have gotten better not worse, so let’s agree that we don’t need to do this anymore and you can start collecting a fee from someone else’s insurance.

I am going to do a baseball post today in a separate posting to keep them apart from my regular posts. I think it works out better that way and this way those who are interested in reading about it can check it out and everyone can just pass on it if they like. I’ll get to that one later on today.

To pass the time at the doctor’s office, I did some more reading of “The Prague Cemetery” by Umberto Eco. It is a tough read. It’s been slow going at the beginning and part of the problem I have with Eco’s books is that he uses multiple languages throughout the book so it can be hard to follow if you cannot read French, German, Italian, Latin or one of the other languages he uses. I am determined to plow through it though and I’ll keep reading it, hoping that the storyline does actually get somewhere and I can understand what is  going on.

Also, while I was at the doctor’s office, I was gazing out one of the windows but I also happened to glance at WordPress on my phone while I was there and it gave me a good idea for something to ask everyone today. If you have a free minute, try this:

Go to the nearest window. Take a full minute and look out on the scene and then describe what you saw.

It’s a good writing drill if you are just looking for inspiration, but you also might see some strange things while you take that one minute. Give it a try and see what comes across your view. Let me know if you see something great, astonishing, bizarre or whatever. I’ll let you know what I see in my post later on.

Speaking of writing drills, I completed my last writing task with Sean in my last post called “Lydia” if you want to check it out. Sean drew two new cards, so here is the subject of our next writing experiment:

prisoner of war

success at last


This one actually leaves a lot open for things to do and actually makes sense. I have an idea of what I want to write about already and will start working on that as well. Hopefully Sean follows through and does the same. Feel free to participate and write along with us if you like. It doesn’t have to be a long story or anything. It could even just be a few sentences if that’s all that you want to do. Sean and I don’t put any restrictions on it; our agreement is you write about what you want, no matter how long it turns out to be. When you are done, you are done.

So that brings me to the song of the day to try to lift us up out of the doldrums of this Tuesday. Just to let you know, the song of the day is often completely random, unless I feel like choosing something particular to fit my mood that day. I usually just press shuffle on my iPod and whatever comes up is it. So here is today’s which is a favorite song of mine and Michelle’s, although we prefer the version by Peter Gabriel:

Sara Bareilles  – In Your Eyes

Don’t get me wrong – I like her version a lot too, but the original has more meaning to Michelle and I.

That’s it for now. Take a look out your window and see what the world has to offer. Hopefully we get some sun to get out of these winter doldrums and everyone is feeling better, avoiding the flu and viruses running rampant everywhere so you don’t have to go to the doctor. I’ll be back later with my baseball post. Enjoy your day!


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