Tis’ The Season…


Okay, now that Thanksgiving is over, it seems everyone is ready to jump right into the Christmas season. The days seem to accelerate towards Christmas and New Years this time of year and we all get so busy that we blink and the holiday is here already. It already feels that way to me. I spent a week getting ready for Thanksgiving and now that’s over. Sean’s birthday is a week away, and then before you know it, it’s Christmas. There’s a lot to do, and of course, never enough time to do it. I keep saying I wish I had more time to get on here and do some blogging, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day sometimes. Oh well, I am going to have to adapt and try harder to do it, no matter how tired I get at night!

I had asked for some suggestions about what to write about, and everything everyone suggested seemed to have a holiday theme to it, so we’ll try that for the next few days unless something else comes along. One thing I always look forward to this time of year, besides decorating for the holidays, is all of the Christmas movies and TV shows that come on this time of year. There’s no shortage of them, no matter what kind of movies you like or cartoons you like to watch or TV shows you follow. It seems every TV series has done at least 1 Christmas show in their run, maybe more if they have been around for a few years. Of course, everyone remember’s “Seinfeld” and their Festivus episode. There are plenty of others that I can recall seeing from the time I was younger right through to today. You can probably go back as far as “I Love Lucy” or even further and find holiday shows.

Movies are the same way. Every year there are a few Christmas-themed movies that come out that get mass marketed. I am sure there are plenty of small, independent movies that most of us never even get to see or hear of that make an appearance as well. They seem to cover all types of genres too. Romantic comedies, tear-inducing dramas, and even horror movies ( I read today there is a new version of “Silent Night, Deadly Night” due out this holiday season). I can remember seeing all kinds of Christmas movies from the time I was young on, and we still watch a large number of them year after year at our house, depending on what mood we happen to be in.

Then of course, there are the cartoons. You can get an endless supply of these as well, going many years back. of course, people in my age group will tell you that all the best Christmas cartoons came out when I was a kid in the late sixties and early seventies. All you have to do is look at the boxed sets of specials they sell on DVD now to see how much people loved every one of those cartoons. You can find Christmas specials for just about any cartoon though, from Bugs Bunny to Fred Flintstone to the  Smurfs right on down the line. Do a quick search on Google, YouTube or IMDB and you will find all of them listed.

So that leads me right into today’s question:

What is your favorite Christmas movie, TV show episode or cartoon?

Everyone has one that they like better than others for one reason or another. I know I have several favorites of my own to choose from. It certainly isn’t an easy decision for anyone, but think about what ones you like best and let me know. You can leave your answer on here or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll answer myself in my next post. Let’s see what kind of responses we can get for this one. I’ll ask some people on Twitter and see if they reply as well. Maybe we can get some fun answers from some celebrities along the way.

That’s it for today. There’s lots to do. Busy, busy, busy! (which Christmas show is that line from?) Until next time, enjoy your day!

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