Shhh… The Movie’s Starting, Pass The…


It’s funny when I sit down to write things. I have little notepads and notebooks all over the house where I write ideas down all the time. I keep one on my nightstand, one on my desk, one on the table next to my chair in the living room, I even have one in the car. You never know when an idea is going to hit you and you don’t want to lose it, so it’s always good to have a place to jot down a note. I also have a book next to my chair where I do actual writing. Sometimes it just feels better to put a pen on paper then to sit in front of the computer and write. I also think that because I write for a living on the computer, sometimes I just want to get away from the screen because I spend so much time in front of it.

Anyway, I was looking for inspiration on something to write about today because I haven’t blogged in a few days. The hurricane and work have kind of throw everything for a tizzy around here lately. Hopefully all will slowly start to get back to normal around here. Everyone seems so tense and testy, not just out in public around here, but even on social media. People seem to get put really on edge when they got tossed out of their routine and comfort zone that it gets hard to deal with. The whole gas issue here in New York is becoming that way. Even though we are north of New York City, we did still get the effects of the storm and many people are without power still here. It also had an effect on the gas supply and the gas stations. Some were out of power and some just started running out of gas because so many needed it for generators.Long lines have been forming here whenever the local stations have gas and the gas itself doesn’t seem to last long. Officials are hoping everything will be back to normal by the end of the week, but until then people are on edge. At a time of crisis when people should be working to help each other, too many have started to take the attitude of “I come first.” I understand that many have never had to deal with a situation like this before and are scared, stressed and don’t know what to do. These are the people who need our help. What we don’t need is people being mean and selfish at a time like this. Let’s hope it all begins to pass soon.

As for me, I have said before I watch a lot of movies, even more lately since cable has been in and out and we can watch some DVDs. When we do have cable, I very often will watch a movie just because it’s one I haven’t seen before. I end up seeing a lot of movies this way. With more people being at home right now and staying home, it’s a good chance to take advantage of being with each other and watching a movie you can all enjoy. I know many families get together and have a family movie night once a week, where a different person gets to pick the movie for the whole family to watch. We have very diverse movie tastes in our family. Sean and Michelle both would rather watch an action/adventure film. I, on the other hand, while I love horror films, often like to watch a drama, suspense or a comedy film. We don’t usually agree on something we like, but that’s okay; it’s fun to just all be together in one room. It doesn’t seem to happen as much anymore with work and Sean getting older where he wants to do his own thing now.

That kind of gets away from my point for today’s post anyway. I got to thinking about watching a movie. I don’t often go to a theater myself, but lots of people do go. Even if you watch something at home, you like to have some kind of snack while you are watching a movie. So that brings me to a question I would like to ask for today:

What is your favorite snack to have while watching a movie?

Everyone has something they really like. I know, most people will likely say that they like to have popcorn while they watch a movie, and that’s great, but what do you like on your popcorn then? Salt? Butter? That movie theater butter stuff that tastes so good but makes you ill afterwards? Maybe you prefer something from the candy case instead. There are lots to choose from when it  comes to that. Milk Duds? JuJu Fruits? Junior Mints (they are very refreshing you know)? Maybe it’s something completely different from all that, especially when you are at home where you may have a much larger selection of things to choose from. Think about what you like best to have as a movie snack and let me know. I’ll give my answer in my next post. I am also going to ask some people on Twitter about this one and see what kind of response I get. I’ll post any answers I get in the comment section here.

Hopefully all of my friends, family and everyone else in the area has begun to everything back in order and back together after the storm. Remember as inconvenient as things may be for you, not having cable or Internet, or having to wait for gas or crowds in the stores or the traffic outside, there are many, many more people who have it much worse off and need help because they lost everything, maybe even a loved one. Be thankful for what you do have and not spiteful for the little inconveniences life throws at us. Offer to help somebody out who may need an extra hand, even if they are too proud to accept. At least you can feel better about having made the effort. Or give something by donating your time to relief efforts or make a donation to the Red Cross to help out. Whatever you can do.

Okay enough preaching. No shush, the movie is starting. Pass the…

6 Responses to “Shhh… The Movie’s Starting, Pass The…”

  1. Andrew Zimmern ‏@andrewzimmern
    @IguanaFlats In theater I go for popcorn, raisinets or dots

  2. Geoffrey Zakarian ‏@gzchef
    @IguanaFlats licorice

  3. Send address and I will send your favorite thing to have on popcorn!

  4. Natalie Maines
    @IguanaFlats Red Vines.

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