Fire It Up!


I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th holiday. it was pretty steamy here, and still is, but that’s summer in New York. So as I sit here melting at the keyboard, let’s review yesterday’s question, which was:

What is your favorite thing to cook on the grill?

There’s an awful lot of variety available to cook on the grill, whether you have charcoal, gas or electric. I have found that you can cook anything on the grill if you have the space and time to do it. Some people mentioned that they really like fruit made on the grill, which is very good. Grilled pineapple and peaches are awesome, but grilled slices of watermelon can be great too with a touch of honey on them. Of course, a lot of people just like hamburgers or hot dogs, which are grill classics. My dad always used to talk about making breakfast on the barbecue, although once he got into it he seemed to lose interest and pass along finishing the job to myself or one of my siblings. I recently made some Greek lamb kebabs on the grill that turned out great, and some bratwurst, which I love on the grill, but I think if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be steak. There is nothing quite like a steak with really good grill marks and a bit of char on it. Seasoned properly, it’s probably the best thing you could have on the grill, in my opinion. While I like a filet mignon, it’s not my favorite cut. I would much prefer the flavor you get from a good rib eye or strip steak,although I think the rib eye is my favorite. Making that alongside some grilled slices of onion and some grilled asparagus with some grilled potatoes is the perfect grilled meal for me. I haven’t tried grilling a pizza, although a lot of people say it turns out great. I could see the appeal of that and might give that a try. The crispness you would get on the crust from grilling would make it worth it for me. I still think I would choose a steak over anything else, though.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer and a special thanks to Aaron Sanchez and America’s Test Kitchen, who answered me on Twitter. Now on to today’s question. I was having one of my insomnia nights last night and was up until about 3 AM or so, messing around with the television. Of course, other than watching a movie on one of the gazillion movie channels we seem to have, the only thing on at that hour is infomercials, so I decided today would be sort of a goofy question:

What’s the one infomercial item that you secretly would love to have?

Goodness knows there’s certainly enough of them out there to choose from, so much so that they have their own stores now where you can get all this stuff. You can get something for just about every need you never knew you had, so what would be the one thing you would choose, even if it’s a little embarrassing to admit that you would like to have it? I can tell you Sean has always wanted me to get the Sham Wow and the Meat Loaf Tray, so that might give you a place to start. Think about it and let me know. You can answer on here, or on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll also ask some people on Twitter and see how they answer. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

That’s it for now. I have a couple of other things I am working on to post so I hope to get them up later. Until then, enjoy the rest of your day, stay cool, and don’t forget to do something creative today!

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  1. 1 MikeG

    Nia Vardalos ‏@NiaVardalos
    That magic bullet thingie!!! RT @IguanaFlats: What’s the one infomercial item that you secretly would love to have?

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