Scary Times and Happy Things


I’ve been pretty busy the last few days with lost of family coming to visit, Sean going away on a trip some things to do around the house, and of course doctor appointments, so I haven’t really had much time to do any writing at all. Now that I have a little break, I can return to Thursday’s question, which in case you forgot was:

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

It’s funny how afraid we are of animals. A lot of people chose scary movies around animals coming after them, like “Jaws” or “The Birds.” I can see how people might think that they were scary movies. The idea that these animals we see every day (in the case of birds, anyway) and we often don’t pay much attention to could turn into something that was out to get us is a little scary. No one really chose any gory movies, which in my opinion seems right since most of those movies aren’t really scary; they seem to be going more for shock and repulsion than fear. Most people tend to think that creepy movies are the scariest ones. The movie where you’re not quite sure what is happening or why things are happening the way they are scare us the most. It seems as if the movies that we can’t quite figure out and rationalize are really the scary ones, like “Jaws” or “The Omen.” We don’t have a reason as to why things happen in those movies and others like them, and I think that is what is frightening because it makes it seem like then something like that could happen to us. There are two movies that I could say that I find scary. The first one is “The Strangers.” This is a horror movie that came out in 2008 and probably mostly flew under the radar for most moviegoers, but I found it to be really scary. Three people terrorize a couple in the rented house they are in for no apparent reason other than that they were home. The way movie is shot and the circumstances in the film are downright creepy, and the way the assailants appear, disappear and look is scary as well. i think this falls into the category of it seems like something like this could happen to anyone, thus making it scary. The other movie I found scary was “Paranormal Activity.” Whether it’s because of the way the movie is shot, or again the circumstances of the film, it just seems creepy the way things move about and occur, and the last two minutes are scary. Those would be my two choices.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer and a special thanks to Elvira, Abigail Breslin and Jack Ketchum for taking the time to answer me on Twitter. Now on to today’s question. This one is simple, yet complicated at the same time:

Finish this sentence: Happiness is…

Now, you can either put some thought into this one or come with a very simple answer, in my opinion. The choice is yours how you want to handle it. I just started reading Paulo Coehlo’s “Aleph” and I have read a few other things lately and seen a few movies that try to give us some insight into what happiness means. I think it will be interesting to see what everyone can come up since I think for each person it may be a little different. Think about it and let me know. You can answer on here or on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll also ask a few people on Twitter and see how they respond. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

I am planning to post some more of my story tonight if you want to check back for that later. I also have a recipe to post on my other blog, One Dad’s Kitchen, if you want to check that one out later as well. I do have some other things racing around in my mind, so I may do some writing about that later as well. Until then, enjoy the rest of your day and don’t forget to do something creative today!

5 Responses to “Scary Times and Happy Things”

  1. 1 MikeG

    Beth Ostrosky
    ..Howard, Bianca, Apple, Walter, & Leon Bear RT @IguanaFlats: @BethStern Finish this sentence: Happiness is…

  2. 2 Margaret Pringle

    Happiness is peace of mind

  3. 4 MikeG

    michael symon
    @IguanaFlats family

  4. 5 MikeG

    William Paul Young
    @IguanaFlats happiness is…dependent on circumstances (Hap= Old English for luck or chance), joy is not.

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