Changing, Writing and I’ll Have a Piece of That!


Okay, get your minds out of the gutter, first of all. At least I may have gotten your attention with my title. I got some good answers to yesterday’s question, which was:

Is change a good thing or a bad thing?

There seems to be quite a few variables involved with this question. Change just for the sake of changing in arenas such as politics to me is not always a good thing. Some people just want to bring about change because the status quo doesn’t work in their favor at this time. So we vote out the old, bring in the new with promises of great things, and sadly the machine keeps running the way it runs and we get nowhere. Then people want to go back to the way it was before the change. As my friend Jon stated in his answer, change just for the sake of doing something different without considering the consequences of the change seems to be the norm in the world today and it doesn’t always work out too well for the majority. I think when I was considering the question though, I was thinking more about personal change, whether its your job, your family, where you live, things of that nature. I know many people resist change of any kind at all, preferring to just keep going about life the same way, day in and day out, because its safe and comfortable. Do people want their routines challenged? I think for the most part, the answer is no. We’re all comfortable in our daily lives and like it that way. When something comes along to disrupt our routine, it throws us for a loop, we resist it. Some even refuse to go along with it. You can get away with that in some cases, but for the most part, I have found that, to quote REO Speedwagon you need to “roll with the changes.” You may not like what life throws at you at any particular moment, and it may be disruptive, but I think eventually we adapt to whatever the change in life is and incorporate it into our daily routine. That’s for change that is thrust upon us. Change that we choose in life can be much more exhilarating. Some like to shake up their lives simply by say, trying a new hair style, a new way of dressing, working out and eating right – small, cosmetic changes that can make a big difference as far as confidence and self-esteem, and maybe even propel you on to bigger change. Bigger changes may be quitting your job and starting a whole new career, going back to school or moving away to a new area and starting a new life. Sure it’s scary at first to try any of these things, but much like the change that is thrust upon us, this type of change quickly becomes part of our daily routine as well and what once may have seemed like a drastic change is now no different from any other day. I think the best answer then is the one that Sarah McLachlan provided to me on Twitter: change is simply inevitable.

Thanks to all those who took the time to answer and a special thanks to Sarah McLachlan for taking the time to answer me. Now on to today’s question. I had forgotten that it is National Candy Month (it seems they pretty much have a day and month for everything. I wonder when National Clam Chowder Day is?) so let’s do a fun, simple question today:

What is your favorite candy?

Everyone has one, whether it was something you enjoyed from your childhood or something you discovered later in life. It can be sweet, sour, chocolatey, chewy or gummy, it doesn’t really matter. Think of something that satisfies that sweet tooth craving and let me know. You can answer on here or on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll also ask some people on Twitter and see how they answer. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

No, I didn’t forget about promising to post some fiction writing. I started typing up my handwriting and ended up writing about six extra pages in my notebook so now I have more to the story. I think it’s going pretty well and I do promise that I as soon as I get home from picking up Sean that I should have some time to post a piece of the story to get some feedback. Okay, maybe not as soon as I get home because I will have to stir the chili I am making (check for that recipe) but right after that. Anyway, I’ll be back later to add some writing, for sure. Until then, enjoy your day and don’t forget to do something creative today (and buying a pack of gum or a candy bar doesn’t count as creative)!

3 Responses to “Changing, Writing and I’ll Have a Piece of That!”

  1. 1 MikeG

    altonbrown Alton Brown
    @IguanaFlats I like chewing B-Vitamin tablets #bitter

  2. 2 MikeG

    gzchef Geoffrey Zakarian
    @IguanaFlats good licorice

  3. 3 MikeG

    amandafreitag amanda freitag
    Tough one, gummy bears or mounds.. Really nice dark chocolate with caramel RT @IguanaFlats: @amandafreitag What is your favorite candy?

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