Mornings, Evenings, and Things That Go Bump In The Night


Today seems as dreary as yesterday! Hopefully this rain will clear out soon and we can get back to nice sunny days here. As for yesterday’s question, which was:

Do you consider yourself a morning person or an evening person? Why?

It seems to me that the most of the people I know consider themselves evening people. Both Michelle and Sean said they were night people, and they are. Both would rather stay up until all hours of the night and do things instead of getting up in the morning and doing them. For me, I think I have developed into a morning person. Years ago, I would have said I was a night person, staying up late and doing things and not wanting to even see the morning. I think that has changed along the way for me. Now, I would much rather get up really early in the morning. I enjoy the quiet of the morning and seem to be much more productive in the morning than I am as the day wears on. I typically get up between 5 and 6 AM, exercise a little bit and then get to work, start some laundry, write some articles, make Sean and Michelle’s lunches for the day, straighten up. I think I get more done before 8 AM than I do for the afternoon hours, which invariably get interrupted by the telephone, the computer and other interruptions. I also like to enjoy the morning quiet, sit with my cup of coffee and just reflect on the day, look out the back door and watch the sun come up; to me, it is very peaceful and relaxing. By 10 PM, I am ready for the day to be over and go to bed, and not just because the medication I take makes me tired. other people find they are most productive in the quiet of the night while I find myself just the opposite. I am pretty sure I am going to stay a morning person for a while.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the question. For today’s question, I thought I would try something to get your creative spirit moving a bit (and mine as well). I am a big horror movie watcher and horror fiction reader, and I do write some stories along that vein, so I thought I would try a question to see how you would deal with a typical horror situation:

It’s nighttime, you are alone in the house, and the power goes out. You hear a noise coming from the basement, like someone or something moving around. What do you do?

Try not to take this too seriously and have some fun with it. You can answer however you want; create your own situation and play it out. It could be creepy, it could be funny, it could just be you left the window open and the wind is blowing things around. It could be Barry Manilow stubbing his toe in the dark looking for his piano. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with and let me know. You can answer here, or on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll ask a few people on Twitter and see if they answer. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

That should give you something to ponder for a bit. I’ll see what kind of answer I can come up with. Maybe one of your answers will inspire me to use something in a story. Maybe it will inspire you to do a story of your own. I’ll have to make sure I ask Sean to see what he can come up with. So, until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day and don’t forget to do something creative today!

2 Responses to “Mornings, Evenings, and Things That Go Bump In The Night”

  1. 1 MikeG

    SeanGeraghty1 Sean Patrick
    @IguanaFlats I would not go down stairs let whatever it is come to me because I would be on its terf not mine there could be more than 1

  2. 2 MikeG

    Amy Adams ‏@MissAmyAdams
    @IguanaFlats … get the hell out!

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