I Can’t Believe I Just Met… Oh Well, Pucker Up, Baby!


I am feeling better today and in a good mood although I didn’t really get much sleep last night between the humidity, the dog not wanting to sleep and some foot issues, but for some reason I feel in really good spirits today, so hopefully that’s a good sign. It did make me change the direction I was going to go today and since I am feeling a little more lighthearted, I think I will keep that direction with today’s question. But first, let’s not forget about yesterday’s question. There were lots of good answers and everyone seems to have met some pretty interesting people along the way. Yesterday’s question was:

What celebrity that you have met left you feeling starstruck?

Now, I personally haven’t met a lot of celebrities. I have met a lot of baseball players from going to card shows, conventions and ball games, and I don’t think I ever felt in awe of any of them, although when I met Felix Millan when I was just a kid in Queens that was a pretty big deal. I’ve met guys like Whitey Ford (Michelle can tell you about that one, he was kind of a jerk) Bob Feller (who was super nice), Don Larsen, Moose Skowron, Bucky Dent, and on and on, and most of them were very nice guys who were happy to see their fans. As far as other types of celebrities, I really haven’t met very many. I talked to Ross Perot on the phone once, and I can’t say I was particularly impressed by him before or after our conversation. I passed the Amazing Kreskin in the hallway of a hotel (is he a celebrity? maybe not). It’s really only through my years working at West Point that I have met anyone that other people might know. We had several dignitaries come into the shop, but unless your into military history or politics, you probably wouldn’t care who they were. The only person I can think of who I met personally who I found impressive was Norman Schwarzkopf. The shop was handling his class reunion for merchandise and he had ordered a few things, and I guess he also came into the shop and was looking for me for some information on a speech he had given and I wasn’t in, so he left a note with his name and number on my desk. Someone else had taken care of the speech for him so I never got to call him, but I was at his class reunion and got to meet him when he picked up his merchandise from me. It was impressive to meet someone of his historical significance and he was very nice and friendly, and had a firm handshake too :). That’s about the only person I can think of who I met who left an impression like that on me.

Thank you to everyone who answered yesterday’s question and a special thank you to Molly Ringwald and Debra Messing for answering me on Twitter as well. On to today’s question! As I wrote earlier, I had planned to ask some thought-provoking question today, but I was reading while my buddy Liam was falling asleep a bit ago and something in the story I am reading sparked me to answer something much lighter and more fun, something that hopefully will give you a smile and a good memory to think back on. It’s quite a simple question:

Who was your first kiss?

The kisses you get from your grandmothers and aunts don’t count; you know what I am talking about, people. The first real kiss that had some type of romance involved in it. Okay maybe not romance, but when you were young what felt like romance to you, even if it seems silly to you now. Everyone always says you remember your first kiss, so there’s no excuse for anyone not answering. Think about it and let me know. You can answer on here, on Facebook or on Twitter. I’ll also ask some people on Twitter and see if they respond. I’ll post my answer tomorrow.

That’s it for now everyone. I have to try to get some work done while Liam sleeps, so that’s all I have time for today. I look forward to your answers and any comments you decide to leave, good, bad or indifferent, are always welcome. Suggestions are welcome too! Until next time, don’t forget to do something creative today!

7 Responses to “I Can’t Believe I Just Met… Oh Well, Pucker Up, Baby!”

  1. 1 Carrie Anne

    My first real kiss was my trip to italy when I was 17 I met an italian guy who was probably 5 years older than me. We only kissed and it was amazing. Never saw him again but it was memorable. Had a blast it was my first time away from my family.

  2. 3 Kim Lyman

    First Kiss: 12 years old, playing hide and seek in the evening with neighborhood kids. I was hiding just out of the range where most kids are willing to look in the dark, in a cemetery that bordered our neighborhood. Mike Washburn, 13 years old ended up hiding there too. I could hear the song “we built this city on rock and roll” playing on someone’s boom box. Suddenly he was behind the same tombstone I was, and even more suddenly it seemed I was in the middle of a hot french kiss. I was such a tomboy. I was thoroughly disgusted with it and at the same time it made my stomach feel all funny. About 2 minutes later, I threw up all over his feet. I walked home all messed up and weak feeling. I never told anyone. Until now.

    • 4 MikeG

      I love it!! Now that’s a first kiss story you never forget. I think that might make the other answers look ordinary. Thanks for sharing Kim!

  3. 5 MikeG

    AnnCurry Ann Curry
    @IguanaFlats mike norton 6th grade. Thx for reminding me.

  4. 6 MikeG

    MarthaPlimpton Martha Plimpton
    @IguanaFlats None of your beeswax!

  5. 7 MikeG

    Debi Mazar ‏@debimazar
    Jimmy Winngurt,neighbor in Queens!Mom caught it!Fireman’s son!:) RT @IguanaFlats @debimazar Who was your first kiss? http://moby.to/iarj84

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