A New Place to Play


Okay, so this is the space I have intended to use for all my extra writing – my fun writing. I spend enough time during the day writing things that aren’t always a lot of fun. For those who don’t know me, I am a stay at home dad, work from home dad. I do freelance proofreading, editing and writing for just about anyone willing to pay me to do it. I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in English and have been writing for many years. I also do a lot of creative writing on the side that I have shared with very few people to this point, but hope to start sharing some of that on here. I have another blog, onedadskitchen.com, where I talk about my love for cooking and what I cook for my family every day, but I am hoping this blog will be very different from that one. My only goal for this blog is that I write, and by write I mean whatever I feel like writing about on that particular day. It may be based on current events, it may be completely fictional, it may be part of a story I am working on, or it may be just a question that I ask and get responses to. Way back when I was teaching writing skills, I used to use a lot of questions to get people writing. They tend to spark ideas in people and most people have a very strong opinion one way or another when you ask them a question. Sometimes it will be a fun question (okay, most times it will be a fun question, I want this to be fun) and sometimes a more serious one. I am a big believer in keeping journals and encourage everyone to do it. You would be surprised by things you think about and are willing to write down as a way to express yourself. Once you start doing it, you’ll find it hard to stop.

So in a way, this will be my journal to keep me writing. I promise to share as much with you as you do with me. I may not lead the most interesting life, but I have had a lot of things happen to me in my lifetime (more on that to come as we go along) and a lot of it is worth putting down on paper, er, I mean computer. My mind can get a little crazy sometimes (and it’s not just from medication, more on that later too) so some of the things I may come up with may seem a little strange, but just go with it and have some fun. I’ll be doing a lot of cross posting from here onto my Facebook and Twitter accounts (join me on both, you can see the links on the right. No not there, look over there, right there. I am pointing right at it!) so those that are already with me on both places can always write their ideas here. And I encourage and implore you to please, please, please write your ideas here. Don’t hold back! Write whatever you want to write here. If it gets a little too out of hand, WordPress will just have to label this as adult content, but who cares? It could be even more fun!

Now on to today’s question. The questions I ask will be completely random, and some of them I have already posed on Facebook, so you Facebook friends, either bear with me or feel free to answer again. Also, you should know that I also pose these questions to random celebrities on Twitter, and occasionally they do respond (I’ll post about the Salman Rushdie thing at some point) so I’ll put them on here as well when and if anyone responds. Celebrities I am sure get lots of crazy messages and don’t pay attention to most of them, so I am not really surprised when I don’t hear back from them at all, but I still ask anyway. I figure at some point, I’ll ask a question that will pique someone’s interest somewhere. Anyway, I got off track. Back to today’s question:

When you were growing up, what was your favorite toy to play with? The one thing you could play with over and over again. It can be whatever you want, whatever you may have the best memory of. I’ll post my answer tomorrow after everyone has had a chance to answer.

I promise as we go along, I will share more of my own story about me and more of my own stories (mostly fictional). Those of you who know me in “real life” may be surprised by what comes out of my head (and my fingers, since I do have to type all this), but don’t be alarmed. I was like that before I got sick (another story for another time), I just never let it out much. I will respond to any and all comments here, so write what you want, ask what you want and do what you want, because that’s what I plan to do with this space. You can e-mail at IguanaFlats@msn.com, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter (now the links are up there on the right. No, up, and on the right… oh never mind, if you want to find it, you will) with any ideas you may have, or some good questions for later posts or some good stories, to call me names, or just say hello. Don’t forget to be creative today!

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